What is this page?

It’s a collection of poems written in Swift programming language.

They are written by me, Krzysztof Siejkowski. I’m striving to publish a new poem every week.

Writing poems in programming languages is known as code poetry.

Do these poems actually compile and run?

Yes, they all compile and run. I’m writing them in the Xcode playgrounds. You can take a look at the source code here.

However, I’ve decided to not include the symbols definitions, like classes, variables, methods, functions etc. in the poems. I believe they would be mostly just adding the noise to the actual content. However, it’s just my opinion, and it might very much change in the future! 😄

Who are you and why are you writing code poetry?

I’m a software developer from Warsaw, Poland. I mostly work on mobile apps for iOS platform, which I’ve been doing since 2011, though I also had pleasure to work on Android apps, C++ SDKs and Scala backends.

I’m writing code poetry because I find it fascinating. I’m constantly blown away by the creativity I discover in the code poems.

I love how diverse this literary niche is and how you can work with these poems on so many levels: the level of English language, the level of programming language, the level of the actual outcome the poem produces when it’s being executed.

I also love how much there’s still to be explored in the code poetry world.

What are some other code poetry examples?

Code poetry is a somewhat niche literary form. The samples of it are available online in various places and forms. The main sources I am following are:

There are also multiple various pages, blogs, tumblrs, instagram feeds, facebook feeds, twitter profiles and so on. I encourage you, whatever social media you use or whatever browsing habits you have, just search for “code poetry” at your platform of choice.

Is code poetry ever published in poetry books?

I know of 6 code poetry books that are printed and available in physical form:

If you know of any more code poetry books, please let me know, I’d love to get them in my hands! ☺️